25, skating off and on since 21. Questions!

What the title says. I had a coach I met with for an hour/week from ages 23-24 (before that, because of an eating disorder, I wasn’t able to skate at all like my entire 22nd year, also had a head injury that put me off the ice for a few months when I was 23)…and I skate probably an average of 5-7 hours a month. (yeah. skating is expensive and my life is busy lol). Anyway..before I had a coach (so when I was 21), I could do a solid waltz jump, okay toe-loop, decent three-turns, and a weak scratch spin after a year. Learned those things from being shown off-ice by friends and watching youtube videos (ha). My coach helped me get a pretty solid scratch spin; solid toe-loop, loop, and salchow; decent lutz and flip; good spiral and lunge; and she showed me a camel spin once or twice. After the 7 or 8 months with her, the most impressive thing I could do (in my opinion) was a salchow-loop-toe loop combo. After quitting lessons, I kept skating for a few months, (got better at the camel spin and more solid on all my jumps, minus the axel) but I was off ice for a WHILE due to a hip issue. Just got back in a few weeks back.The first two pairs of skates I had were apparently a size too large..my coach had me get fitted for new ones, which are the ones I use today. So I’ve had these for two years and I’m told they aren’t too worn yet; however, my heels lift slightly whenever I lift my feet–unless I tie them so tight at the ankle that you can clearly see that my skates go from tight to looser to tight on my foot, which I’ve been told is an incorrect way to lace skates (but it’s the only way to keep my heels in place). More narrow skates make the sides and arch of my feet hurt terribly. They’ve always been this way. Does anyone know if there is a remedy to this issue? Or is this actually normal and I’m just worried over nothing?Also, based on how I’ve progressed so far..does anyone have an idea of how long it might take for me to finally get this friggin axel down?? I keep working on my rotations off-ice, and I can get a rotation and ¼ every time, and I was able to get 1 & ½ the other day a few times before my hips started bothering me. Also, no coach, because I’m broke right now, which I know probably means it’ll take longer.Last question, I skate in Riedell Edge boots; even though they aren’t worn, is it possible I need boots with more support (I’m an adult skater, and I’ve read we tend to need more support?)