Advice Needed…Getting back into figure skating after 9 years

Hi! I couldn’t think of a better place to ask for advice on this topic than here. So here’s the situation:I used to competitively figure skate from when I was 5-13. I mean intense training, 6 days a week, on ice training 3 hours a day, plus stroking and skills sessions, and off-ice training (ballet, pilates, cardio, etc.). I would compete often and I was actually very good and won a bunch of medals. Due to some family issues and things back then being a huge mess, my parents decided I have to stop.It’s been 9 years now, and I’m 22. I think about figure skating often and how I feel like I could have honestly gone to the Olympics (as stated from my coaches) and made a career out of it, but family issues stopped that. I have that sense of regret. I know realistically I won’t ever be able to compete in that competitive space that I was when I was younger (times have changed and I’m too old now). When I stopped I was at the Pre-Juvenile level, and already consistently landing doubles. I am also in Canada if that helps too, so it was with Skate Canada.I was wondering what steps I can take now to get back into it. Not as intensively as before, but just recreationally or is there anyway I can compete again? I often am discouraged from getting back into it because I like feeling like I’m working towards something, and going back “just for fun” discourages me from investing time and money into it. I loved competing (I am a naturally competitive person), and it gives me a sense of fulfillment knowing that I’m achieving things for my efforts.Any advice would be greatly appreciated!