advice on boots??

So I started skating around 10 months ago and in that time I went from absolute basic learn-to-skate to loop jumps. I skated several hours a day for the winter and a little less frequently during the off-season but now I’m skating a lot again (i love outdoor rinks haha) and still taking lessons and desperately need a new pair of skates. I’ve been skating in jackson artistes (i originally only wanted to learn to skate backwards and do crossovers and that would be enough, but of course it didn’t end there…) but the blades weren’t mounted quite right which was bearable (with the aid of a corrective insert) until the boot started breaking way down. I’ve been looking into getting new boots for a while but every time i order a pair in to the proshop they don’t fit and then i have to wait another week to have another pair sent in to try (I wear a womens size 11 shoe) – i’m 6 feet tall so obviously much bigger than the average skater. Here’s the hard part though – I need a boot that’s going to last me for the next three years. I’m moving to China next year for grad school and it’s impossible to get shoes in my size there – when i was in college there i had to have my family mail me shoes from the US – and it’s already this hard to get skates fitted here, god forbid when i have to get each trial pair sent internationally and pay hundreds of dollars in customs fees. I also skate 2-4hrs per day pretty much every day of the week, so I’m going to break them down faster than an average skater of my level. I’m jumping toe and sal right now and i’m really close to having my loop. I struggle a lot with spins though, but my coach attributes a lot of those issues (as well as the fact that I haven’t quite gotten my loop yet) to the issue with my blade on my current skates. My coach (knowing my situation) recommended that I definitely get a boot rated for doubles but not to go too high because he doesn’t want me to end up with something too stiff that would give me tendinitis. My current boots are totally shot, though, and they’ve gotten really uncomfortable to wear, so i’m hoping to get new skates asap but i’m also not willing to settle for something that doesn’t fit perfectly. I’ve been looking in to Jackson premiere boots (& matrix legacy blades), but the boots i’ve tried so far havent fit right and it’s taking them a long time to get the large sizes sent in because they’re so uncommon in womens so even the jackson dealer only ever has one pair in the warehouse if that. If this next pair doesn’t fit, it’ll take until December to get the half-size in for me to try. I tried on a pair of edeas (i cant remember if they were chorus or concerto?) but they didn’t fit right, so those were out. Still, I’m kindof worried that with the amount i skate i’ll be wearing down the premieres too soon and i’ll be forced to try to get another pair of skates in China, which i want to avoid at all costs. Which leads me to my question – do you think it would be ridiculous for a skater of my level to get ice flys? I remember the skate fitter at the proshop mentioning they possibly have ice flys in my size in stock but i turned them down because i know i’m not a good enough skater to warrant such high level skates, and to be honest i’d kindof feel bad skating in them at my level because my skating couldn’t possibly do them justice. They’re really popular at my rink and whenever I ask other skaters about them they say they love them and that they’re really comfortable. I have a friend who has them and adores them – but she’s a fantastic skater and is learning her 2A right now, while I’m only on my loop. I’ve heard that they’re pretty quick to break in and since they’re much higher level boots, i wouldn’t have to worry about outgrowing their stiffness before i leave for China next fall – or ever. The more I think about it, the more i’m considering that if the premieres aren’t the right size this time either, i might ask to try on the ice flys and if they fit properly i might just spring for them – as time goes on (i’ve been looking into skates for several weeks now with no success) i’m more and more willing to put in the extra money if they’ll meet all my requirements: perfect fit + enough leeway level-wise to last 3years + a little extra stiffness to account for my size. I’ll be skating a lot less in China when I’m a full-time student again, but I’m on a gap year now and skating as much as I can around my work schedule so i don’t want something that will wear out by the end of this year, and i’m hoping to be able to start doubles in China (I’m planning to take lessons there as well), so I need a boot that can withstand two years of that if possible. I’m thinking, at the very least, i’ll never out-level an ice fly so if they broke down while I was overseas I could order the same exact boots again and have them shipped to China if i had to – that way i’d know for sure that they would fit right, and it would be insanely expensive and difficult and slow with customs but at least i wouldn’t have to deal with fittings and international returns. I also don’t compete and don’t plan to – I just skate for fun, but I’m dedicated and want to do at least doubles eventually. I’m 22 years old and tall but not heavy for my height – I’m a gymnast and mostly do lifts, so I’m strong and in good physical shape. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? Would it even make sense for me to look into ice flys at this point? Of course, that would be assuming they fit me perfectly.Thank you!