So I got new edea skates and blades, and hones…

My last pair of skates dislocated my foot so I switched to edea. And honestly I think I hate them. I’m struggling so much with tying them, and the tong doesn’t fall in perfectly. I keep falling and slipping out of every jump and spin because no matter how hard I tie them, they’re too lose. They even look too big for my feet. I can’t even return them so I’m stuck with them and it’s killing my passion for this sport. I don’t know what to do.

SHARP Adult Weekend

SHARP is Scott Hamilton’s ice rink/program, and it’s co-run by Kori Ade. They have an adult weekend that is August 9-11. It’s close enough that I can drive there, and it’s $450 for the weekend.Has anyone been there? I don’t know if they’ve done it before? Is it worth it? I want to go but I’d hate to spend upwards of $600 on one weekend and be disappointed!

Ladies GPF really could be all Russians

I just double checked the schedule and it is actually very likely that the GPF will be all Russian women. The Russians would have to win 1 and 2 in every competition without Rika which is highly likely. Then all that would need to happen is Rika gets silver and a bronze against either Evgenia and Sasha or Alena and Alina. It would be an amazing feat for the Russian girls to do a clean sweep.

Hi everyone! I want to learn figure skating so…

Hi! I have wanted to learn figure skating since I was a kid. I have always loved watching movies and competitions on tv. I never got to go to a rink until this year. My parents couldn’t afford lessons for me when I was a kid sadly, but I am an adult now and want to try! I have only been to the rink a few times as it is 30-40 minutes away from me and that is the closest one in my area. There are skating lessons and figure skating lessons there. I pretty much only have balance and forward movement down. From what I have done I love it on the ice. To me it seems easier to balance than on roller skates but maybe I’m just weird lol. I can put on a song and put one earbud in and just have fun doing laps in the rink. I know it would be pretty much impossible for me to ever compete as I am now 22 years old, but I just want to know if you guys have any advice for someone who is older who wants to get into figure skating.