Back exercises for layback spin?

I was a competitive skater growing up and skated all through high school. I stopped once I went to college, but I’d occasionally skate during school breaks, and never had much trouble picking up where I left off with spins and footwork.However, after not skating for a couple years post college and having a desk job, I realized I can no longer do layback spins without my back hurting and practically feeling like I pulled the muscle (which I actually did once while attempting a biellmann spiral post college).I suspect my desk job was very, very bad for my back. I also suspect I lost some muscle strength/flexibility during the couple years I was at this job.I no longer have a desk job and move around much more now, however, I don’t know how to get my back in the same shape as it was pre-desk job so I can do laybacks again. Any tips? Should I see a physical therapist? I never saw one after pulling my back muscle and I’m wondering if it could help. I don’t have back pain in my day to day life, only when I try to do certain things, like laybacks.