Blade Selection – Stick with stock Aspire or Upgrade?

I just bought new Jackson Freestyles. I really like the boots, they’re breaking in nicely. I had to adjust to the higher heel and relearn some things, but so far all is pretty good.I’m a pretty shitty spinner, but my last blades were easier to spin on. The Jacksons come with the Aspire XP which has a 8" rocker. I’ve read that a 7" rocker is better for spins and turns etc.Is it that much better? Is it worth spending $200 on a Coronation Ace or MK with a 7" rocker?I’m working on single jumps, but it’s not a priority to me. I’m far more interested in learning step sequences, turns, etc. Would a 7" rocker make turns noticeable smoother? Or should I just get better on the 8"?I guess the question is, how much ‘better’ is a 7" rocker for turns and spins? How noticeable? Has anyone skated on the Aspire blades and changed to a MK or Coronation Ace? Was it much better? Or only a bit better?