Boot/Skate recommendations for a beginner (looking to take skating seriously)?

Hi there! I’m 23 and have just begun Ice Skating lessons (Skate UK). I’ve had a promising start and really feel like I’ve taken to the ice so far – skating at a basic level has come quickly to me and I’m really keen on pushing myself as far as I can go! I do, however, see the importance of a good fitting pair of skates. So far I’ve had mixed issues with hire skates and feel like they’ve been holding me back a little. With the added cost of skate hire, it’s starting to become apparent that I’ll be needing a pair of my own relatively soon. What I’m looking for is an entry level boot/blade combo that also gives me room to take things further. Although I’m really dedicated to trying my best and practising as much as possible, I also don’t want to rush into ‘purchase overkill’ and get a pair of skates that are above my level! I’m sure it wouldn’t look too good if a beginner like myself turned up in some ridiculously expensive boots either! I was looking at EDEA Brio, but can’t find them in my size here in the UK – which reminds me to mention that I’m a size 11… It seems that boots my size are a little hard to find! Any advice and recommendations are really appreciated!