Buying new skates

I started skating in February of 2017 and started out with the Jackson Soft Skates. In August I bought Jackson Freestyles with Aspire blades in a size 6B. Over the past few months I’ve progressed quicker than I expected and am about to start trying axels on ice. The Freestyles are good for singles and beginning double jumps, but I’ve had a few issues with them.First, I think they may be sightly small because every since I got them, the bones around my ankles have been rubbing painfully against the sides of my boots. At first I blamed it on the break-in period, but I’ve had them for 9 months and they still hurt every time I skate. I don’t know if the width is too small or if I need to move up to a 6.5. My feet are relatively narrow so I assume it’s a size issue. Also I’m 17 so my feet are done growing, so that’s not why they feel small. However, the boot rubs my ankles really badly on my landing foot, but not as badly on my forward spinning foot. I assume that may be because I tie my skates tighter on the landing foot sometimes because it gets loose quicker than the other one.Secondly the laces need to be retied every 10-15 minutes because they get loose quickly. When I tie them very tightly, they don’t get loose but it’s almost like they cut off the circulation in my foot and they hurt. Also my ankles rub even more. When I tie them even a little bit looser, they don’t rub my ankles as much, but they get loose quicker and my jumps and spins don’t feel stable.I’m thinking about just going ahead and buying new skates. My birthday is in August, and my parents wouldn’t mind paying for part of the price, but I’m wondering if I can wait that long.I’m thinking about getting Edeas just to try another brand to see if they work better for my foot shape, but they’re pretty expensive. I’m wondering if I should just go ahead and get Ice Flys or just get Overtures/Choruses. I’m not sure what the difference in price is, but if they last me a couple years then I feel like Ice Flys would be an okay investment if it means that I don’t have to buy new skates every year. Just for reference I usually skate 4-5 days a week for about 2-3 hours each time. Does anyone have any experience with Ice Flys or Chorus boots and their lifetime?I don’t think Edeas come with blades but I don’t know if my Aspire blades will work with them. I’m okay with my current blades, I just read something about Edeas having a shorter sole or something? If I have to buy new blades that’s another expense I have to consider but again, if they last for a while I’m okay with that.TLDR; I think my skates that I’ve had for 9 months are too small (Jackson Freestyles size 6B) and am considering buying Edea Ice Flys, Overtures, or Choruses but I’m not sure which ones I should get. I’m on my axel jump and will start my doubles in a few months, and Choruses are for doubles, but I’m wondering if Ice Flys are a better investment. My birthday is in August, but I don’t know if I can wait that long to buy new skates since my feet are in pretty bad shape. Does anyone have experience with Edea skates and their lifetimes? Any advice is appreciated!! 😀