Canadian Ladies SP discussion! (and predictions for LP?)

Wow! Can we talk about that SP! I’m so surprised that Kaetlyn fell – she’s usually incredibly consistent. I guess that solidifies Gabby’s spot as #1, since 6-7 points is going to be pretty hard to make up, and especially as Gabby is rumoured to have a quad planned for the LP. Gabby had a really beautiful program- amazing skating and good music too! So lovely to watch.I was also surprised by Alaine placing 9th, BUT she’s only 2 points away from 3rd place. It currently looks like a competition between Gabby and Kaetlyn for 1st, and then a competition between the next 8 skaters for 3rd place. They’re all SO close right now… it will be tight! Sarah Tamura kinda came out of no where for me – this is her first senior season, and she had one international (CS) event earlier this year.All in all, it’s looking pretty likely that there will be a Canadian woman on the Olympic podium! This is an incredibly strong cohort.