Male/Female ratio of skaters in countries othe…

In the United States, there are far more female figure skaters than male. My son is a figure skater and there are many times he’s the only boy on the ice. For an example of the imbalance, at his most recent competition, he competed at Juvenile with two other boys. For girls juvenile, there were around 60 competitors.Is it the same way in other figure skating countries? I’m curious if other countries, especially ones with a different cultural background like China, Japan, Russia, have the same stigmas about boys in figure skating.

Figure Skating in the UK

Hello members from the UK! I am considering uni in the UK, and I was wondering if there is a serious ice dance culture over there. Is the level of instruction and partners at parody with US clubs? I am considering offers from schools in London, Manchester, Oxford, and Edinburgh for reference. My goal would be to pick up my training somewhat seamlessly over there. I have been dancing in Philadelphia for some time, which as it seems to me, has a decent skating culture, so I’m wondering how it stacks up. Thanks for all of your help in advance!

Ranking Jumps

For everyone who skates, I was curious: how would you rank the jumps in terms of how much you enjoy them? How does it compare to how easy you find them? It might be interesting to see if any jumps come out as common favourites, or if finding a jump easy means you’re more likely to enjoy it.​Personally, from most liked to least liked: flip, lutz, loop, salchow, toe loop.From easiest to hardest: salchow, flip, loop, lutz, toe;dr toe loop is very overrated