November 21, 2017 – Weekly discussion thread

Tell us about your figure skating week! What have you been working on? What have you been watching?

What skates to buy my 5 year old girl and for me?

So, a couple months ago I decided to take my little one skating for the first time. She absolutely loved it and so I signed her up for classes. She’s 4 right now and will be 5 in Dec. I am planning on getting her some new skates for Christmas. I need some advice on what to get her as I have no clue what’s good/bad or not necessary.I looked online and saw that they had adjustable shoes like these.Are these good or should I just stick with a normal shoe and move her up as she grows? I’d like to avoid that since she grows so quickly! Right now she’s in a size 8 (what I get from the rental place at the rink.)I’d also like to get some for myself so I don’t have to pay for rentals every time, as its getting expensive! I’m her dad, so if there’s a difference in shoes for men and women, adjust for that. Lol.Any recommendations for either of us would be great!

Preparing for figure skating off-ice?

Ever since I was like 8 figure skating has been my dream. I live in a very tropical region which means there are no ice rinks here. I always go ice skating when I travel so I have the basics down but that’s about it. I’ll be moving to Germany in less than a year and the first thing I’m doing is signing up for some figure skating classes. I’m really excited and I want to be as prepared as possible but I don’t if it’s possible to practice without ice.I do have rollerblades and I was wondering if figure skating on them would be any useful on ice. I also thought of doing a flexibility training but I don’t know where to start. Any tips are appreciated.

What do you do with old skates?

I feel like a hoarder for keeping my old Mystiques. They’re worn and are broken down with creases. I’m thinking about reselling since I don’t want to just throw them away due to the price tag but there’s probably little chance for that. Just want some thoughts since they’ve been sitting in a box for months and I’ve upgraded to Freestyles.