Are the ladies not competing tonight?

Why do they get an extra day unlike the other figure skating competitions?

Does anyone know what happened to Yulia Lipnitskaya?

She was so young during the last Olympics, at the top of the sport, and betted onto win. She is such a beautiful and talented skater- what happened to her? Did she retire?

Why do only Russians do the hands above the head when they jump?

I know nothing of figure skating other than what I see on TV. Is it really so much harder to do the jump with the hands in the air? I understand that pulling your hands to your chest obviously focuses the center of mass and makes it easier to spin. I am only wondering why only one country does it the harder way to get the points. Did the Americans, for example, not see that the Russians were doing this and try it? Or can they simply not do it?

Womens Figure Skating 2018: Who is the best underdog?

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What is your favorite ALL TIME PERFORMANCE?

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