Small chip/dent on blade, how much does it affect how you skate and should they be resharpened?

I’ve had my skates for two months, had them sharpened the day I got them too. I skate a minimum of 3-4 times a week with an overall time of about 8-10 hours. I recently noticed that it’s harder for me to do spins than when I first got my skates and I feel like I’m almost dragging or catching on the ice. I looked at my blade and on the forward outside edge near the ball of my foot, there is a chip or dent. I was wondering if this would affect my skating as much as I described and if it’s time to resharpen as I’ve never had to do so. Any advice on how to tell when they need to be sharpened in the future?

moongloss:Ballet rotoscope by Masahiko Sato & EUPHRATES


Ballet rotoscope by Masahiko Sato & EUPHRATES

Who are your top pick for the Olympics medals for men’s singles?

My to 3 picks are Nathan Chen, Yuzuru Hanyu, and Shoma Uno. Here’s why.Nathan Chen: To say that Nathan Chen had a great season feels like an understatement. He won the CS and both of his GP assignments, and the the champion at this year’s GPF. Last year he won both the FCC and the US Nationals. In my opinion, Nathan is the strongest competitor for the gold medal. I have no doubt that he will win the US nationals. He’s at the top of his game, and he’s in his prime. I can’t wait to see what he has to show us at the Olympics.Yuzuru Hanyu: He had a rather unfortunate season this year. He had to withdraw from the both GP series and the Japan National. If he returns before the Olympic, I’m sure he will be fine. Though I don’t think he can defend his title at the Olympics. He has an impressive career, because he’s been #1 for the past 3 seasons. Had he not got injured, I wonder if he’d defend his title at the GPF. Would Nathan Chen still win if Yuzuru was there? We’ve seen them at FCC, which Yuzuru took silver behind Nathan. I think that when he is fully heal, he will come back stronger and more determined than ever though.Shoma Uno: Another Japanese skater, Shoma Uno took silver at this year’s GPF. In 2016-2017 season, he was the silver medalist at Worlds, bronze medalist at FCC, and bronze medalist GPF. He had a great season this year, and took gold and silver at his GP assignments. I think with Yuzuru Hanyu recovering, Shoma took a role to fill into Yuzuru’s position. He’s a talented skater, but it’s hard to shine as bright with Yuzuru being THE Japanese skater. I think Shoma has a chance for at least silver at the Olympics though. I think he can prove to the world that Japan has another skater they should keep their eyes on.Overall, I am super excited for the Olympics. I can’t wait to see what the outcome will be, but it’s been a very interesting (and to an extent, unfortunate with all the injuries from multiple skaters) season. With so many strong competitors this year, the season so far is full of surprises and twist.

MK Gold Star rev or Phantom rev blades? Graf Edmonton Specials with or without V-insert?

So I’m looking to buy a new pair of skates and blades but wanted to know what you guys recommend. I have skated with the Edmonton Specials my whole life and will be repurchasing them soon but was wondering if any of you have experience with the new ones with the special V-insert in the middle? Secondly I was wondering what some of your experiences are with the MK Gold Star rev or Phantom rev blades? Until now I’ve always had the normal parabolic MK phantoms but I want to upgrade to the rev version. I’m hesitant to do this because it wouldn’t be a parabolic blade anymore but tapered blade, and was wondering if any of you could tell me the difference and if it will influence my skating (ex. weight distribution, changed balance,..)? Lastly if any of you could explain the difference between the Gold Star rev (parabolic) and the normal phantoms (also parabolic) that would be great!

Looking for a program I saw around 20 years ago. Pairs fighting over a (red?) hat.

I know VERY little about figure skating, so pardon my terminology…A long time ago my dad and I watched a couple skate that “fought” over a hat. I recall this hat to be red and glittery, but I might be imagining things. In any case, they’d sneakily nab it off on another’s heads during the performance, and it was a lot of fun.Does anyone have any idea who this might’ve been?