Anyone know the lineup for tonight? Specifically when Medvedeva and Zagitova will be going?

Like in terms of the order. If the event starts at 8PM EST, then at what time would they be expected to skate?

Am I lacing my skates incorrectly?

I’m trying to get back into ice skating and I’m essentially new at the sport. I bought skates 10 years ago (Reidell 121) but only wore them about 5 times back then. I’m trying to get back into it and I’m using the same skates. Could someone advise on what I’m doing wrong when tying these? I had these same issues when I first bought them.I’m finding if I don’t tie them tightly in the ankle, then I feel very wobbly and end up forward stroking/gliding heavily on my inside edges unless I consciously tell myself to push my feet more towards the outside edge. I know it could be due to weak ankles but the lacing still looks incorrect. However, if I tie them too tight in the foot area, I get heel/arch pain. If I don’t tie them tight enough in the foot area then I don’t form that perfect ‘V’ and I have dented spots like in my picture. What are the factors that could be causing them? I’m guessing it could be infinite possibilities though.I’ve laced them going from outside the eyelet to inside as I’ve read this can help with the pressure on the foot. I also have Superfeet insoles.Guidance or advice would be appreciated :)Pic of my the lacing

Question abt transition to senior level

I only started watching non-Olympic competitions this season (I stumbled across a grand prix on tv and watched pretty much every major comp since), so I’m still trying to figure things out.I’ve heard them talk about skaters who competed on the junior level and then senior level in the same season. Since the time requirements are different for the senior level, how does this work? Like if they know they might make it to the senior level this season, do they just prepare a longer version of their program?

Do most of the Olympic level skaters continue to compete on the adult level as they age or do they stop and coach?

i hear a lot about how figure skating is a sport for the young but what happens to the old basically.

ShibSibs’ Free Dance

What is the story behind their free dance and were they graded correctly? Also, how would they have ranked if their entire program was perfect? (Would they still be the best American ice dance team and would they have gotten higher than bronze?)