Another skates post, sorry!

Hi, all!I’m sorry to bring yet another post about skates into the midst, but I’m feeling pretty clueless as to where I might need to be in skates. For reference, I’m 5 foot 5 inches and about 100 pounds, and I’m doing singles, minus Lutz and axel (but I’m about to start working on that with my coach seriously.)I’m currently in Elle Fusions, I started skating in them in March of this year. Unfortunately, my right skate’s tongue (and tongue only, interestingly) seems to no longer provide the support I feel comfortable in. They feel like my old Artistes did at the end. I emailed my rinks skate person about it, but I’d like to get some other opinions as well. I’m also wondering if I should start considering buying blades and boots seperately at this point, or if thats in the near future.Any suggestions?

Front Radius Differences

Does anyone know the difference between a 12” front radius and a 27” front radius? Shopping for new blades and I want to pick ones that will actually fit with my skating style instead of just blindly getting what I’m told to get by coaches and sellers! (If anyone has blade recommendations that’s appreciated too!)