If anybody needs music editing, let me know!

Hope this is okay to post here! I’ve been cutting music for years for local coaches and haven’t had any to do in a while. So if anybody needs music cut, send me a message! $30 novice-senior, $25 all others

Who is the figure skater in the Toyota Olympics commercials?

One of the Toyota Olympics commercials showed Olympic and Paralympic athletes dressed in mostly red (white/black trim), lined up ready to race. At the end each is running towards the camera on the right and left side of the screen. I cannot find this commercial anywhere online.Who is the figure skater with blonde hair and the nose piercing (stud)? She is the last one on the left when at the end running towards the camera.It is NOT Ashley Wagner who starred in a different Toyota commercial.This is a screen cap of the ending shot, she would be behind the hockey player: screencapThanks for any help!!!!!

Buying Beginner Figure Skates question.

I’d post in the weekly thread but it’s… been two months lol.I’m not sure which skates I should get. I’m choosing between the Jackson Softskate Adult $88 CAD, Jackson Elle Figure Skate $299 CAD, and Jackson Excel Figure Skates $159 CAD. (I’m wondering what the difference is between them and how much difference. Blade quality? Ankle Support? Will it matter at my level?)All from https://figureskatingdeals.com/p-category/figure-skates/jackson/j-adult/I’m fairly new. I can do crossovers and outside edge 3 turns but can’t do one foot slaloms or inside edge 3 turns.My goal is to get better and be able to do the different types of jumps, turns, and step sequences.Thank you!