“Is it common in Russia to encourage disordere…

Is it common in Russia to encourage disordered eating in order to become underweight? I see a lot of Russian comments saying Yulia looked better before, that Gracie is ‘fat’, and Eteri should continue to use ‘weight control’. Some fans I have talked to don’t even seem to understand what eating disorders are. Is this a cultural thing or just young fans?“


PSA: to everyone who is about to hype Alysa Liu as the second coming of Jesus: DONT. She’s talented and a prodigy, but don’t forget that she’s also human. Let her make mistakes. Let her learn. Let the judges and her coaches give her constructive feedback. The US skating fandom has been brutal to our teen prodigies: Gracie, Mirai, Caroline. Especially when they aren’t perfect and winning all the golds. It’s Okay if Alysa loses to the Russians and Japanese on the JGP next year. Who cares. Let the girl enjoy skating and improve on her own terms. Don’t write her off if she doesn’t reach some pre-defined expectations. Oh, and stop the Michelle Kwan comparisons. Let her be herself! Ok, end rant.