Pressing your hands on an invisible table

I’ve been skating for a few years now. Almost every coach I’ve worked with tells me to press my hands down, as if there’s an invisible table there, especially when working on moves or figures.I’m curious: does pressing down on this invisible table actually help the skating in anyway, or is it more an arm control thing where if you press down you’re less likely to flail around? And along the same lines, what do you guys think about when you skate to keep your arms under control?

How to watch Grand Prix without NBC Sports Gol…

I have been using the VPN “Windscribe” to watch a lot of the programs on YouTube through the ISU YouTube page. It is really easy to download the VPN as a Google Chrome addon/plugin through the google store. You get 2GB every month once you make an account, but pro tip, you can just make more accounts and get more data ;)Hope that help!

question about highest scoring combos

Hi everyone, I was looking at Alexander Samarin’s scores at the recent Rostelecom Cup and noticed that he supposedly got one of the highest scores for a combo…. ever. I looked on the wikipedia page which tracks such scores and it’s not on there. He should actually have two on there as he had a 4Lz+3T above 20 points in the short program as well.Is there a reason for this or is it because no one’s updated the list for a while? I know scores from nationals aren’t included but I would have thought this competition would be.Samarin’s 4Lz+3T score: Wikipedia page showing highest scoring combos:

first competition next week !

i’m going for skate bangkok soon and it’s going to be my first competition and are there any tips ? i’m kinda nervous cause my one foot spin is still a mess. i’m taking part in fs2. i’m scared everything will just flop cause i just got my costume too and it’s kind long on one side (it’s like a slit) that it goes a little pass my knees. 😳😳