ADULT ICE HOCKEY CLINIC Join us at our Adult Hockey clinic at the National Ice Centre, supported by GB international and Nottingham Panthers player Ollie Betteridge on Saturday 30 June.  The clinic is designed to give adults the opportunity to develop the core skills for ice hockey including; skating, puck control, passing and shooting. Adults …


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COREY NEILSON SUMMER SESSIONS We’re hosting a summer of Ice Hockey sessions led by Corey Neilson, arguably the most successful coach in British Hockey! Neilson has enjoyed huge success winning all domestic titles including; 6 challenge cups, 4 playoff championships and a league title. He will be on-hand to provide a unique development opportunity through …


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Important Updates at the National Ice Centre

We have some important updates taking place over the next few months to make you aware of. There will be no club session on Saturday 9th June (7:30 – 9:30pm) as have a private event taking place. If you regularly attend this session or fancied coming along, please share this news with friends! It’ll be …

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How to fall safely?

This is a question I’ve had for the longest time and maybe someone could clear it up for me.How does one fall safely? I’ve been taught to fall forward on your knees, but it’s still very painful?? I don’t see how that is falling safely.Also, how do you fall backwards? Usually when I fall, it’s unexpected so how I cant bring myself to fall forwards, but end up fall backwards and landing painfully on my butt.So… what actually is falling safely, and it is possible to fall safely backwards?

Mental block with jumping

A little background- I’m a 31 year old female who began skating (again) a little over a year ago. Now I’m in freestyle ¾ and really love it. But, last summer I fell when practicing a waltz jump and sprained my ankle pretty badly. This resulted in a decline of everything-I wasn’t able to run for over 6 mo, I picked up 15 extra lbs and it really made me scared to fall on the ice. I’ve worked to overcome it…slowly. I can do salchows and toe loops, but I’m really struggling with my loops and flips with getting off the wall. I’m also losing a lot of confidence because my body just isn’t doing what I want it to do anymore (especially with spins/sit-spins). Do you have any advise on how to get off the wall and get past this mental barrier? Do you have any recommendations on pads that wont inhibit movement with thick legs? Do you know any off-ice exercises that may be useful to help build up my confidence? Really, any advice would help!Thanks so much for all of your help!!!! I really appreciate it everyone!