Hi! I was was just wondering if the majority o…

Hi! I was was just wondering if the majority of competitive figure skaters are university students while they are competing? What do figure skaters usually do when they retire?

Many skaters do attend university while competing, either on a part-time or full-time basis. It’s common for top skaters to take time off school during Olympic seasons in order to focus on their training.

Some retired skaters become coaches or choreographers, work for their skating federation, or skate in shows if that kind of opportunity is available for them. Well-known skaters may also work as commentators for TV broadcasts of skating. But opportunities like shows/commentary are usually only available for well-known skaters. Many skaters will continue with their university education after retiring and move on to other jobs.


Are the performances that happen during the ISU Skating Awards the same as the gala performances?

The ISU announcement only mentioned performances from the medalists of the World Championships.

what happens if a skater fail to jump a combo in the short?

First of all, they lose points because they’re missing a whole jump. The tech panel identifies which jump the combo should have been performed on (if it’s not possible to identify, they select the last non-axel jump), which is marked with +COMBO in the protocol and receives -5 GOE.

How do they choose what order the events go in in competitions?

Whatever order the competition organizers want.

Do you have a streaming to watch Asian Open?

No. We’ll post it (either here or on twitter) if we find one.


ladysquirralot: If you use a VPN, Germany or France work fine on the YouTube live stream 🙂

Yep, UK works too! Any country that is not on the ISU’s list of official broadcasters should have access to the ISU stream.


YLE used to broadcast GP season in Finland but now they no longer do. You can watch on Viaplay channel and online for free in viafree. The free stream is commented in Swedish and I think they might own rights to all Nordic countries?

Yes, NENT Group has the rights now in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and they will air/stream some skating on Viaplay/Viafree. We have not included it in our weekly streaming posts as we were not able to find the schedules for each of these countries, but if you live in these countries you may have better luck finding information.

do skaters get a higher goe if they perform a jump a lot later in a program or is it just the 10%? thank you.

Jumps that are performed in the second half of singles programs (up to 1 jump in the SP and 3 in the FS) get a 10% base value bonus. There is no bonus on GOE. The purpose of GOE is to evaluate how well an element is executed, which has nothing to do with when the element is performed.


You say NBC Gold will air the entire competition in the US. I’m in the US and have had NBC Gold for 2 years now; they never air practices or Galas (except maybe Olympic galas), which is very disappointing. Just thought I would clarify that point in case you didn’t know. Thanks for your site, though.

Most broadcasters don’t air practices. NBC Gold actually did stream some practices for Skate America this year. But it’s true that NBC Gold never streams galas. We’ve changed the wording in our post to make that clear.

When did the tradition of throwing things into the ice start?

Not sure, it seems to have been a thing for a long time. Probably a borrowed tradition from theater and other performance arts.

any idea what country is the best to set your vpn to in order to watch the isu videos from this season? it seems like even countries that have access to some of the videos are still restricted by sme copyright claims and the like.

Yes, unfortunately even if the ISU streams and videos are available in your country, Youtube may block them due to copyright claims on the music. The good news is that these blocks won’t affect live streams. The bad news is that there’s no good way to tell which countries the music might be blocked in. Try countries that aren’t in the Americas, Europe, or east Asia, maybe?

Hi! What does “ot” mean referred to a jump? Thank you

It’s fan shorthand for “overturn”. Basically the skater can’t hold the landing and turns out of it.

is there no livestream in canada for skate canada int? have they seriously made it so i cant watch the one gp event in my own goddamn country?

As you can see in our streaming post, TSN and CTV are only airing Skate Canada in delayed broadcasts. CBC doesn’t have the rights for Skate Canada, but they will be streaming every other event in the GP and probably the major ISU championships as well. You can try this fan stream for Skate Canada, the quality is not great but it works (you have to enable Flash). Or you can use a VPN to unblock the ISU stream.

Can a single figure skater later transition to…

Can a single figure skater later transition to pair figure skating?

Yes, at higher levels (junior/senior) it’s more common for singles skaters to move to pairs than any other kind of discipline change. Most young skaters start out learning freestyle (singles) anyway, and then try out other disciplines if they want to.