Do figure skaters pick up on the languages of all the other skaters?

This is a sorta silly, sorta serious question, but I’m curious. For skaters who constantly travel internationally, do they pick up common words or phrases so they can communicate better? I’d imagine that the skating world is a great place to learn about all the different languages in the world.

I need help. Im a Film Student Making a Doccumentary on Figure Skating.

Hi all,For my media could you please do this survey I need it for research The products about my Gradparents past in figure skating and the story of getting them back on the ice for the help Canux 🙂

Anyone in NYC wanna practice together?

I mostly go to World Ice Arena at Flushing Meadows Park since all the seasonal rinks are closed. But I’d also go to the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers for convenience sake.I’m 27M if that matters. I want to get really good I’ve been skating a lot more recently, and I go at least 2-3 times a week since March but I really began skating November last year about once a week but not with deliberate practice….and it was on hockey skates. I’ve just landed my first waltz jump this week and I’m pretty proud of that! I’m going to move on to the six figure skating jumps starting with the salchow. I also want to learn to do a sit spin and a scratch spin.If you happen to live in Brooklyn around the Bay Ridge area, I wouldn’t mind picking you up in my car and driving to World Ice.