Coaching Help?

Last November I decided I wanted to try and get into figure skating more, I had grown up doing ice skating and roller skating a lot when I was younger. I decided to sign up for my local rinks LTS.Right away I have a lot of issues with my rink. It’s been around since the 60 or 70’s. It’s family owned (which is fine!) but it’s very poorly maintained. it’s hard to park since the parking lot is falling apart and hasn’t barely changed I hear from then. It smells bad inside which I don’t mind either since the ice is fine. It’s only open 2 (3 if they have a LTS going on) a week for 2 hours. This isn’t nearly enough time for me since I try to be on the ice as much as possible and with me being in high school its a bit hard.The LTS is okay. I’m in the adult section. We don’t do any tests certified by the IFS or USFSA so I’m going to have to travel an hour or two away to get qualifications. There’s actually no evaluations at all. It’s like a less crowded public skate. The coaches are eh…I like one but the others not so much. It’s just the coaches constantly grind the same thing: stroking. swizzles. then backwards, basically going over the basic requirements just to get through them. Only one of them ever offers advice. They also only seem to have one focus in mind: put together a big group choreo. for their spring show at the rink. The other students are also extremely snotty towards me (maybe because i’m younger than 90% of them???) I have 1 girl I’m friends with but shes more of a recreational skater so she couldn’t offer much advice. The others want to be competitive and hate me because I learned crossovers and backwards strokes in a week and I’m already trying to work on my waltz+loop. Where they are still learning/struggling at about 1 year in (I think it’s just the coaching) When I ask them if they are okay after a fall or even just say hello they give me dirty looks and don’t answer. It makes me feel extremely bad about myself.I want to find a more serious coach so I can enter maybe small competitions. I’m not expecting to win the Olympics or nationals but I really want to enter the competitive scene. I just really don’t know how to go about finding one since my area is shitty for ice skating and only has that one rink unless I drive an hour. I’m going away to a camp this summer but I still don’t know if I will find one there. If anyone could help me I’d even be willing to move for a coach at this point.