Describe your transition from single to double jumps

Since I’m at that point in my skating career where I’m trying to cross the “threshold” of the single axel, aka currently terrible and under-rotated, into double-land one day, I’d like to hear the tales and thrills of this crossover point from other skaters. ;)Age 14, 1 year of skating:For me, I advanced thru LTS skate classes like lightning, 3-4months max. Everything was EASY PEASY, just a couple days or maybe two weeks at most to totally master a move.Then everything continued to be ridiculously easy and only take around a month or so in the earliest freestyle levels: waltz, salchow, toe loop, one foot spin = super easy, mastered almost instantly. Scratch spin took a little bit longer, but it still came quickly. Sit spin and camel spin too came quickly. They certainly weren’t perfect and I was beginning to feel the struggle to succeed as fast as I had been, but I was still able to rotate, which was all I cared about lol. Loop jump was the very first hurdle I HATED. It was so scary going into something backwards and expected to rotate far more than of the previous jumps, which had been easy. Flip and Lutz were just as scary. I already knew half-flip and half-lutz. Full-flip and Full-lutz seemed impossible and terrifying. I finally came up with my own messed-up method of rotating the loop that felt “safe”. I did a forward inside-three turn, then jumped. The rotation of the opening three-turn helped me get just enough “spinny momentum” to pull off a bad loop jump. Then I stopped skating completely. Partly because mother pressured me to stop, partly because of school and time pressures, partly because it was taking longer and longer to move thru the levels. I had gotten used to the fast progress I had been making up to that point and was frustrated I wasn’t catching up to the girls who had already been skating since they were 5 years old. At age 14, I just didn’t have the patience or the moral support from the mother for it to work out.12 years later, (26 years old), January 2017, I decided to return to skating lessons. Over the course of 12 years, I had made sure to go to the rink at least once a year so that I wouldn’t lose my skills. So I started where I left off, although everything was rusty and needed a month to get back up to what it had once been. I started working on the horrible loop again. Rediscovered my “forward three-turn” trick to making it work again, finally turned around backwards and did it from crossovers like a proper loop should happen. Finally fixed the uncrossed leg position. Obsessed and analyzed tons of youtube videos when I wasn’t taking lessons or practicing and the flip and lutz quickly followed the loop in success. The camel spins, sit spins, back sits, back camels etc all continue to improve like crazy. But the axel, holy hell that axel. It’s like the loop all over again, only 10x worse lol. Always underrotated and frustrating. I think once again, I’ve been spoiled by the fast progress of returning to skating and getting all of my singles (loop, flip, lutz) so quickly back-to-back.So please, share your stories of your “major transitions”, particularly if its a singles to double jumps transition! How long did you struggle with the threshold? Did it just start happening or did you make some specific changes? Is it effortless now or are you still struggling? Also state how old you were and how long you had been skating at the time since that plays a part as well.