Did Nathan already blow his best Olympic chance?

I love Nathan so I hope he can atleast medal in 2022, even if maybe not gold. Or atleast can make the team and be in contention.However I suspect Pyeoncheng might have been his best Olympic chance. He is talking about wanting to combine school and full time university. That is super hard for anyone to pull off. Not sure he can make it to 2022 if that is his plan.He also is putting himself through murderous physically torture practicing 6 and 7 quad long programs and 2 or 3 quad short programs everyday. He already has had hip and knee problems. Again physically making it another 4 years wont be easy either. Add to that he is winning only through base value and what more can he realistically add. A quint? Once the others close the gap in difficulty and you know they will, how would he win. He never wins in either PCS or GOE over the top part of the field. And Hanyu is talking of continuing and a quad axel. If that comes off Nathan would have no shot to beat him, as Hanyu probably has the highest base value now (right now it is much lower) and we know Nathan doesnt beat Hanyu in jump GOE, non jump element GOE, or PCS. Atleast Uno he can possibly beat in GOE and be close to in PCS, but not a clean Hanyu.I like him a lot and wish him well though.