Different foot shapes and boot brands

Hi, everyone!I was wondering whether any of you have any insight into how the boots of different brands differ?I’ve had four pairs of boots in my life. The first two were Risports and since I stopped skating for ca 8 years and then came back, when it was time to buy new ones, a lot of time had passed. I was told at a skate shop that Risports had changed a ton anyway sine then and that I can’t expect that they still fit me the same way. I was also told that Edea Ice Fly is quite similar to that old Risport shape.I got the Ice Flys and they were just plain wrong. It’s hard to describe why, but it just felt wrong. They were really thick and too wide in the heel and way too wide laterally around my ankles. Now I managed to find quite an old model of Risport RF2s and they fit me so much better, although my heels still pop up, even though I got an even smaller size. But they feel so much normal. I was told that “I have Risport feet”. But what does that actually mean? I am really curious as to what are the general differences between skate brands? I remember that I didn’t like Edeas when I was a kid, either. Right now, I also tried Jacksons and they just felt awful, but I know they’re generally really popular, at least in the States. But where I’m from, it’s really rare that you see Jacksons. 90% of people skate in Edeas.This is probably knowledge that only pro fitters know, but we must have heard enough from them to put together a general picture 🙂