Figure skate shops in Southeast Michigan?

After skating when I was younger, I’ve recently gotten back into skating after a ~20 year break. I can’t remember where I used to get my skates (I was young at the time) and I’ve been surprised by the seeming lack of shops to get skate fittings at in the SE Michigan area. With the number of high level skaters that train in the area I would’ve thought there’d be more options! The main possibility I’ve found is the skate shop in the Detroit Skating Club in Bloomfield Hills. My group teacher just gets her skates from a vendor at Nationals so she didn’t have a good recommendation and the other local options seem to be mostly hockey-focused. I’d like to go somewhere to get fitted that has an expertise in figure skates. Does anyone in the area have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!(For reference if it helps, I’m starting back at 3-turns, one-foot spin, waltz jump, etc.)