Help overcoming fear as a new adult skater

Hi everyone!I have loved watching figure skating since I was a tiny thing. I’m almost 30 now and have decided to finally learn.I fell quite hard my first time on the ice and broke my kneecap. I’ve since been cleared by my doctor to return with kneepads, so I’ve been skating 3-4 times a week.I’ve been stretching and working out off the ice, and practicing some of the basics from youtube tutorials: forward and back swizzles, slalom, one and two foot forward glides, dips, 3 turns (on 2 feet), and skating backwards. However, I’m having a hard time progressing and even doing some basic moves like snowplow stops. This is largely due to fear.I understand that I will fall a lot, and I know to bend my knees and tuck to protect my head, but I can’t seem to translate that knowledge into action. At home I plan what I’ll practice and convince myself to be brave, but once I’m on the ice I’m scared to go too fast, lean too far, or stop too suddenly.Does anyone have any advice for getting past the mental block?edit: It’s worth noting that I have purchased my own skates (Jackson mystique), and I intend to start adult basics group lessons next month. I can’t afford private lessons at the moment, and I know self-teaching could result in bad habits, but I’m doing the best I can. There are a lot of beginner advice threads here, but if anyone has words of advice or encouragement about any aspect I’d love to hear from you!