How am I doing regarding my progress

Hey everyone :)I’m really interested to see what you think about my progress in figure skating so far. I’m not sure if I’m really fast or if this is “normal” progress.I’m 19 (almost 20) years old (male) and I started figure skating about a month ago. I have solid forward crossovers in both directions, backwards crossovers in both directions (one not as solid as the other one though). I have pretty solid outside 3 turns, inside 3 turns are also not too bad. Inside closed mohawks are pretty easy. Backwards outside 3 turns are also in my repertoire. I’m also working on forward inside Counters. The Waltz jump is also super easy now and I’m really obsessed with jumping (every jump) as high as I possibly can, so I’m definitely not making my figure skating life easier :’D I’m also very unsatisfied with not so high jumps after a while.Regarding my jumps; the Salchow and Toe Loop are solid, the Flip is sometimes pretty good, sometimes a little bit underrotated. The Loop isn’t bad, but not high at all at the moment. I’m currently working on the beginning of the Lutz. Axel is not yet in sight.I’m also working on jump sequences like Waltz-Toe, Sal-Toe, Sal-Loop, of which the first two are pretty good with a decent speed and height.I’m currently also working on a straight up spin, which I find harder than all the jumps I’m currently working on.I have lessons with a coach, 20-30minutes per week. I’m practicing about 9h per week.So, what do you think?