How make hours a week do you practice vs how much ice time your rink offers you?

I thought this would be an interesting survey of the differences.1.How many hours do you generally practice a week?2.What’s your level?3.Roughly how much public ice time and freestyle ice time does your rink offer?1.I think roughly I practice 7-10 hours a week, depending on the week. That’s around 1-3 hours almost every day.2.camel, back sit, back camel, axel attempts3.Totals:Public session 21hrsFreestyle session 15hrs15minMax total: 36hrs15minI don’t know how some skaters say they practice like 20+hours a week. I guess their ice rink offers more sessions. I would probably go more often too if more ice time was offered, just for fun and because I enjoy it so much.4.What do you think the “industry standard” is for how much practice time vs what level you are skating in?