How much “energy” do you think axel takes compared to other jumps/spins? aka How fast do you tire?

So one girl in my group axel class has finally started landing these gorgeous axels. And I’m very happy for her, but in the meantime I’m stilling praying to the Gods of Skating to help me fully rotate my axel.I asked her how much energy she felt like she was using to pull off her axel, because even tho she’s still falling frequently, it doesn’t seem to tire her out much. She said she felt like she spent more energy doing a camel spin than an axel. Which is the complete opposite for me. All of my other jumps and spins I’ve ever had, even when I’m struggling to first learn them, I can still do them over and over again and it takes a loooong time before I get too tired. But with axel, I am so quickly wiped out. Literally panting. And my left foot just aches.*Side Note: My coach told me that even tho she’s landing her axels, her camel spins are still awful, so that may be the only reason why she feels like she spends more energy on camel compared to axel.What do you think? Or what is your experience? Do you think axel takes A LOT more energy that all of the other jumps and spins? Or am I just trying too hard to make it happen? (Aka like trying to brute force it to make up for poor technique?)On the rare occasion, my axel is fully rotated, I’m way too exhausted to repeat it. I feel like even when I finally figure it out, I still won’t have the energy needed to practice it back to back to back over and over again. Which is what you need in order perfect any jump.All of my other jumps and spins were mastered by “pounding” them. By practicing them over and over again til they started working right. But they didn’t leave me panting for air after only a few attempts like axel does. 5-7 attempts, stop for air, 5-7 attempts, stop for air.Whereas back camel etc, I can just do them over and over again. They aren’t perfect, but I can attempt them for a lot longer before I have to stop for a break.Because of this massive amount of energy it seems to take for my axel attempts, I don’t like to practice axel until last because I know it will leave me too exhausted to practice anything else! But I can practice everything else: spins, other jumps, MIF and still have energy to spare to work on axel at the end! WTF?