How to get fitted for adult wide men’s figure skates? (Pacific North West)

Hi! I’m about to graduate out of the adult basic levels of Learn To Skate into focusing on Free Skate and Ice Dance. I’m a recreational skater, but spend an average of 6 hours on the ice each week, and would like to land all the single jumps eventually, so having skates that fit and work for what I want to do is important to me.I’m currently skating in a Jackson Elle women’s skate in size 8D. My local skate shop would not fit me in men’s skates because I live in a rural area, and they simply don’t stock them – there would be nothing in store to compare the fit to in order to try and order in the correct size.These boots don’t hurt my feet, but since working on spins I’ve started to have the sneaking suspicion that they don’t actually fit correctly. The skateshop carries almost entirely hockey equipment, so I’m not convinced they know a proper figure skate fit. The fact that in traditional shoes I’m a men’s 7EEEE worries me, too.I live in the Pacific Northwest (North Idaho). I’m willing to make a weekend road trip of it, and I have a passport to get into Canada if I have to. How can I find some place that I can get fitted in men’s wide skates? Someplace that actually would have them in the shop to try on, and have a person on staff I can trust knows what they’re talking about when helping me find skates that fit?Skate shops don’t always have particularly helpful websites, and I don’t know what questions to ask over a phone call to narrow down the location to a useful one. Is there a skate store that is considered THE place to get skates?Thank you for helping me out! As someone who started skating at the age of 23, I keep finding out I’m missing basic knowledge all the younger skaters seemed to absorb through osmosis!