I passed!! Or maybe not….

Novice moves hate me. Or I’m cursed.On Tuesday I took my novice moves test for the 3rd time and absolutely crushed it. I had one incedental touchdown but other than that all my moves were textbook. When I got the results and saw every judge passed me and I got at least .1 over on everything I almost started crying because I was so happy. I went through the last two days in pure bliss, so excited to move onto junior.That ended today when I got an email from the test chair saying that there was a mistake – I signed up for adult because I’m 21, but apparently USFS changed it last year so that you have to now be 25 to test as an adult. You can test moves at 21 as an adult, but you have to test Adult moves (pre-bronze, bronze, etc). One judge passed me with enough points to pass standard, but the other judges didn’t – one was .5 below and one was .3 below standard.The test chair contacted USFS and I am in limbo right now waiting to see what they say. My fate rests in their hands.It’s been a roller coaster of skating emotions this week. Pls pray to the skating gods that I actually pass this test this time