Ice time vent

Kinda wanted to vent about something stupid. I always go ice skating at my local ice rink. It’s where I have my training too. I go to my rink for training once a week, the moment everyone goes for practice and once with friends. So that’s three times every week. I can’t always tag along with someone because my ice rink has annoying opening hours. I’m obsessed with figure skating but I’m afraid to go alone when the rink is open since I feel like people will be watching me. I have another rink I would like to go to, but I’ve never been there and I don’t really want to be the only beginner figure skater there. New places make me anxious. I don’t know where to go or how I will feel. I’m thinking about going with a friend first, but at the same time I’m too impatient to wait for someone to be able to go with me. I’ve been to my local rink alone once. There were annoying ice skaters making me uncomfortable and I left half an hour later because of that. My local one is half an hour away as well so it’s sad to only be there for half an hour. Figure skating is a way for me to forget about all the bad and all the stress. If I could go more often, I’d do it but this kinda keeps me from doing so. I don’t really know what kind of advice I’m expecting. Maybe advice of people that have felt the same way and can give me some tips on how to feel more comfortable with all of this.