Ice time vs cost

Hey guys, I’m looking for some insight/advice. I’m finally getting back into skating after having to stop when I was in high school for financial reasons.I’m in my late 20s now. I have a full time job and my fiancé and I are saving for a home, so our finances are tight. I know how expensive skating can be, so I’m wondering how many hours per week I should be aiming to practice. I want to progress as much as I can and work hard, but I also need to be mindful of how much money I’m spending on lessons and practice sessions. I’m hoping to achieve a happy medium between skating enough to actively improve and not spending a ton of money.How many hours/days a week do you guys skate? How do I skate to the best of my ability and not break the bank? Is it even possible?Thanks in advance for your replies, I really appreciate it and am so excited to be on the ice again.