Impossible to spin on rocker with new skates

Hi,I got new boots a month ago, Risports. We put my old Pattern 99s under them, but I am having so much trouble with my spins now. For example, I am now basically unable to do a proper scratch spin, I can’t find (not to mention spin on) the rocker. I travel a lot and can’t stay centered.I’m also having the same problem with my other spins. It’s as if there is something wrong with my boot or blade. I can either go on the toepick (and start creating double lines on the ice in spins) or I go on my heel, but the sweet spot doesn’t seem to exist anymore.Could my blade be in a wrong position? Maybe it’s not balanced in a correct way?I’m asking because my town has one specialist and he attached my blade, so yeah… Maybe some of you have experience with this?