Is it time to change boots?

Hey r/figureskating, adult beginner here. I got a discontinued model of Riedell boots I don’t remember, I think he said 229 (the dude told me it’s between 223 and 255’s stiffness, I believe it was 45) back in end of Feb 2017. I’m on a (very) used Coro Aces temporarily, as I’m saving up for a brand new pair. But I feel like it might be the time to replace both boot and blades.I haven’t done any tests but I can do a scratch spin, waltz, sal, toe, and crappy/inconsistent sit spin & loop jump. However, I feel like as if the boot is slipping off my ankles thus needing to tie it tighter, which many people told me I should probably change my skates.Thing is, I started Jan 2017 and bought the skates around the end of Feb, so I thought it was too early for a replacement & the creases near the ankles are about ¼ in (so quite small). How early is too early? I’ve definitely skated for more than 4-6+ hours a week on them for context.If I do need to replace my boots, I was thinking of getting a stiffer boot— either Riedells Bronze Stars or Jackson Elites (stiffness 70/75). Which one would last me longer? For context, I am 5’3” & 120lbs.Thank you so much for reading this. Anything would help!