Judging questions

I am always super annoyed when I watch Olympic figure skating with no real understanding of judging, and I am finally taking the time to understand the technical side of things. I have read the Wikipedia article and I still have a few questions. From the article:Each element is judged first by a technical specialist who ‘calls’ the specific element for marking by the judging panel.What does “calls” mean? Does the specialist designate what the element is or was supposed to be? Do the call in real-time or do they send their decision to the judges after the performance?Additionall , NBC has this cool little bad in the top left now that gives a red, yellow, green box for each element depending on degree of success. Does NBC have their own expert making educated guesses to give a rough idea, or is that taken directly from the judging panel?Any other little tidbits you think are helpful would be greatly appreciated.