Just like the rest of my life, my skating level is awkward. Help me choose between a class, or going it alone (again, like the rest of my life) to get into a club.

I’m 24 and stopped skating when I was 13. I don’t know where I was in testing, but when I stopped I was landing my axels inconsistently and starting into my doubles. I want to get back into it and I’ve found 2 “clubs” for adults in the city.I took a class at one club, and it was not what I was used to. It wasn’t like I was part of an adult figure skating club. It was a learn to figure skate for adults class, being held by a club. We were shunted off to the end of the ice, and the coach half heartedly led us through random stuff. Also, she started with spins and ended with inside edges, which is pretty backwards, just a random nitpick. Rusty as I am, I do feel like I’m too advanced for that class.(Like I lost it yeah, but next week we’re focusing on crossovers, and honey I didn’t lose it THAT much). Its only an hour of ice time. Not just the adult class, but the whole club seems to be very… not competitive. It would be nice to be in a class but I’m not sure this class is what I’m looking for.The other club is way closer to my house, and way more bang for my buck, but its a more advanced club. Their website says that people in the club should be performing at a junior silver level, which I’m not. I do think that with consistency I could get there by the end of the year. I just don’t know how to get there effectively without help.Theres also free drop in skating at the University which I’m taking advantage of for practicing on my own.I’m not sure what I should do. I feel like taking the adult class in the first class will become a waste of money and I’ll soon become too advanced, and then frustrated with it. I’m considering just skating on my own until I’m comfortable joining the advanced club, but I don’t know how to direct myself to a junior silver level.tl;dr: I’m rusty but I think I’ll get better soon. I’m stuck between choosing a casual club which I’m worried I’ll outgrow quickly, or a more advanced club that I’m not ready for yet. I have ice time to get to a more advanced level, but also unsure about how to get to that level without a coach.