Just started skating – I have some questions!

Hi, I just started skating this year (25 M). I’ve never done any skating before, ice or roller so it’s a whole new thing for me. I’ve been in two group lessons so far and I’m really enjoying it. I have some questions though.1) The group I’m in is massive – I’d say there are at least 20 skaters to the one instructor. This means we don’t get any attention we just get directed to complete exercises. Is this normal? I was expecting more like 5 or 6.2) For reason 1 I’m finding the pace painfully slow. I’m usually a bit more gung-ho than most (I’m a good skier for eg) about these sorts of things and the group seems mostly comprised of middle-aged women who prefer taking things a bit slower. The last lesson consisted entirely of doing lemons up and down and practising snowplough stops, which I found excruciating. Am I being unreasonable/too impatient?3) I’ve been down to the rink a several times on my own to get some practice in and while I feel like I’m making progress – I managed a couple of (very wobbly) crossovers today – there’s also a sense in which I feel undirected and I’m worried I’ll acquire some bad habits. Obviously a private coach is the best option but I really can’t justify that expense at this juncture, so I was wondering if there are some good online resources or books you might recommend to give me a bit of direction? I only discovered at the weekend that I was supposed to be doing forward stroking on the outside, not inside edges – derp! So that’s the kind of thing I want to avoid doing.4) Rentals. Oh my god they’re horrible, my feet either feel like they’ve been squeezed in a vice or wobble all over the place at the ankle. I really need to get my own skates – so the killer question is second-hand or new? I’ve also heard about different support ratings – I’m quite tall, about 185 cm but skinny af (65 kg or so). I understand higher numbers are more suited for more advanced skaters, but I also don’t really want to be replacing them in a years time if it comes to that so what sort of rating should I be aiming for? Any specific recommendations?I realise at my age that I’m never going to be competitive but my innate competitiveness means I tend to overstretch myself on new ventures so if I can at least direct that overzeal in the right direction that would be good haha! Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance!!