Master list of spins?

I’m trying to make a master list of spins because its fun. I recognize 99% of spins I see, but there’s a few unusual ones that I’m not sure if they have official names or not.CURRENT LIST:Upright: 2foot, 1foot, scratch spin, back scratch, headless, layback, haircutter, sideways/leaning spin, biellmann, pearl spin, “Y”-spin, “I”-spin, shotgun spin, crossfoot (or corkscrew) spin, A-frame,Sit: standard sit, back-sit, cannonball, pancake, tuck-behind, broken leg, flying sit, death dropCamel: standard camel, back-camel, catch-foot, layover, donut, flying camel, butterfly, illusion, stars (or windmills),“A” frame spin – hate it because the figure skater’s butt is up in the air. looks dumb in most cases. What is this spin called? I’ve been calling it the “pretzel” spin.pretzel spin – dont really like this either because it doesn’t look “elegant”, it just looks like contortionist yoga. Is this just a layover with a broken leg? Or called something else? This one reminds me of a crossfoot (also known as corkscrew) spin, but it’s too low. Does it have a name? what is this spin? free to add more spins to this list! Even if you don’t know what they’re called! Show us a picture or video of the spin! I’m trying to find spins that are truly unique spins and not just the skater being creative with their arm positions.