Medvedeva will end up having more staying power than Zagitova

I think Zagitova is probably already done. She has maxed out what she can do, and hasnt even started her growth spurt yet. Most Olympic Gold medalists in ladies retire soon after anyway, so she will probably just follow the norm. Add to that there is so much controversy over her scores, especialy PCS, and so much complaints about her Olympic win, I see her PCS being immediately dropped next year as judges usually react to that kind of buzz when they are shamed by the public and skating experts.Medvedeva now has hunger and determination from losing the Olympic Gold this time. It wont be easy with all the young Russians coming up so I dont know if she will make it, but she has much more chance of sticking around, staying in contention, and making the next Olympics than Zagitova ever does. Unlike Zagitova she has gone through puberty and survived it while Zagitova hasnt even started hers, and unlike Zagitova who has already maxed out all she can do with backloading every jump and triple lutz-triple loop combos in both programs, she can still add difficulty, unlike Zagitova who has already maxed out hers unless she is going to do a quad which I highly doubt will ever happen.