New Skates Questions

My new skates are a different brand (jackson rather than riedell), also a half size smaller, and wider than the other ones. The blade itself is also shorter than my old blade, as well as a blade more suitable for the level I am at. I’ve skated about 4 hours in these boots, so of course they’re still very stiff. But, they fit SO much better than my old skates, so I know I finally got the right boot. I am having a really hard time finding my spin spot, and can barely do a scratch spin..before, even with my poorly-fitted skates, I was able to do scratch, attitude, camelback, and working on a sit spin. Jumps, though, I can execute and land with so much more ease. Still can’t land an axel, but I can do every other jump with much more ease than I could with my old skates. Are the spins difficult because the boots are new? Is the spin spot going to be different than the spin spot on my old boots? I don’t know if my troubles are me or the skates.Also, different question. I’ve owned 4 different pairs of skates now..and with every pair, the tongue never stays straight. They always lean slightly toward the outside matter what I do to try to keep them totally straight. Is that normal?