Newbie: Should I buy my own?

Background about myself: I’m a 20 y/o living in the Philippines. Yes despite it being a tropical country, we do have ice skating rinks but only in the malls, and malls are pretty huge here. I’ve been using rentals for 5 days already (5-6 hours each) so that’s 25-30 hours of rink time. Half of the rink time is with friends so I don’t really get to practice seriouslyI’m a pretty slow learner and so far I’ve only gotten to the level of doing forward gliding, forward crossovers, backward gliding, and backwards crossovers and it’s still a little inconsistent. I’m planning to pursue figure skating but I don’t know with what goal since I can’t really hope for a Winter Olympics, can I? haha but maybe just because of self-actualization.I’ve been doing good on the rental skates so far because I don’t have my own but now I got a huge blister due to its bad fit and it’s also kinda fatiguing. So I’m thinking…should I buy my own figure skates?I’m thinking of Riedell 133 or Jackson Ultima Mystique. I got a good deal of $112 (includes shipping) on the Mystique.Should I?