One foot spin / Scratch spin help

I’ve been doing one foot to two spins, and simple one foot spin (not the one that you go clockwise and unwind– I’m not at that level yet) by using the “step into the circle” technique.The thing is, I’d maybe spin correctly with the iconic “sweet spot” sound / ice marks maybe once or twice out of all the failed spins in a session (about 2 hours).I’ve noticed that when I make the three turn, I have a tendency to turn too deeply thus being too toe-picky for the actual spin, creating awful scratchy sounds and traveling or making a huge circle. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but it’s hard for me to “find the center” before bringing my free leg and arms in closer to the body.Will this improve with time, or should I stop practicing spins for the session when I do a good spin so my body remembers only that spin? Will the accuracy naturally increase over time or will my botched spin attempts make it harder for me in the future?(I saw a couple of YouTube videos telling me that spins aren’t something that is learned by force, but I’m not sure just stopping after one good spin in a session, that I will ever improve.)