Over pronation help?

My coach noticed during my second lesson that my left foot was turning inwards. We had the blade adjusted but still having the issue. When I’m doing one foot glides, I end up curving off to the side so I’m curling my toes to try to keep straight and doing wonky things with my shoulders. We will adjust the blade again and the dance coach (who is doing the adjustments and is an expert) mentioned that sometimes boots and blades can be tricky and not even, but I also think the issue is my feet as well, I’m seeing in videos that I took that my right foot is kind of doing a slight inward lean too, although nowhere near as noticeable as my left.When I was getting my gait analyzed for running shoes, they said I high arches. Im thinking the skates don’t have enough arch support, would an orthotic like superfeet help or would that mess up my center of balance on the skates? Do you recommend ankle exercises? I just started skating two weeks ago (totally newbie so weak ankles can definitely be an issue) but we are already on Adult Basic 4 and 5 so feeling myself hitting the proper edges for elements is increasingly important and I can feel I’m off and my left side feels so weak. I’m still breaking in my Jackson Freestyle boots and they’ve been heat molded so they seem to fit pretty comfortably, I have no foot pain even after skating for 2 hours, and I’m skating barefoot except for bunga pads.