Proper skating posture?

Hi all, so I started skating ~6 weeks ago (I am 19). I have gotten pretty comfortable going forward, and have started doing backwards wiggles and swizzles. So, super basic stuff, since I go to the rink only a couple times a week and I do not yet have a coach.But, I’ve noticed that when I skate, I tend to have a very crouched over posture. My knees are bent and I am looking forward (not down) but whenever I try to stand up straight it sort of knocks off my balance. I think it’s because I have never been taught how to balance weight in the skates or maybe I am subconsciously afraid of falling. Like, I don’t have any confidence in my skating.I know the most obvious answer is to find a coach who can properly correct me, and I will soon, but in the meantime do any of you have any tips for improving posture, or balance in general?