Returning newbie, advice on which level class I should take?

I skated for about 3 months and reached NISA basic skills level 5, but had to stop for about 4 months. Unfortunately, my local rink isn’t offering Adult level 5 lessons, only 4 or 6+. IIRC, I can do everything in level 4+5, but absolutely nothing (I believe) in level 6. Which level class would I be better off taking? My only reason for considering a level 4 class is that I may have lost some of my basic skills.For context, I’m 20(f), have my own skates (still breaking them in – would this impact the choice of of class?) and looking to advance, not just have fun (although I definitely do it for fun!). Whichever group class I join, I believe I’m committed to it for a month. Please help!