Skateguard Stories: Volume 2.

Hello, r/FigureSkating, I’m a skateguard. That guy that you see out there during public skate, wearing an ice rink staff jacket and just casually coasting around, asking people that fall if they’re alright. Making sure figure skaters, recreational skaters and hockey players obey rules so we can all have fun. After receiving feedback in my last post on this sub, I’ve decided to start posting stories of the types of things routinely dealt with by myself, rink techs, secretaries, and scorekeepers.The new guy: I recently had the chance to train a new hire on how to skateguard, which is a bit odd given the nature of guarding isn’t too complicated- or so I thought. I gave him the same speech I had been given, and listed out the same rules that we all have to enforce as well as the rules about what music we can and cannot play. Things were going good then towards the last half hour, where I had him start doing the majority of the work. He started playing heavy metal- which I changed to something more appropriate. But what really ticked me was when he let a parent holding a young child skate past him. Our rink does not allow parents to hold small children for the fact that if the parent falls forward… I don’t need to say what would happen.The 5 and a half hour shift: In my skates for 5.5 hours. I had that feeling something bad would happen when I headed into work and it did. Towards he last hour of the public session a young woman fell backwards and the first thing to strike the ice was her head. I was skating right behind her at the time and my attention instantly snapped to it due to how hard she fell, the sound of her head against the cold concrete-like surface of the ice, it sounded like a fist hitting a solid wooden door. I moved so I was blocking her with my body from people skating. I did all I could, radioing my manager and telling her to remain still, given a head injury could become far worse with movement. I asked her the standard questions; “What’s the date?” “Do you know your name?” “Where are you?” At one point, she stated she saw six of me followed by “I’m seeing spots.” To me, as someone who is fairly active, ‘seeing spots’ means she has a risk of passing out. I kept her talking until my manager and paramedics showed up, taking her to the hospital. This was my first experience with an injury this serious.Idiots: I don’t use that term lightly. These 3 guys were being rude and obnoxious. Not the type you’d assume to come out and skate in the middle of the day, metallica shirts, dreads and long hair. They decided it would be a fantastic idea to cut off figure skaters and be obnoxious, as well as make fun of them when they fall. I kicked them off for continuously cutting off figure skaters, putting themselves and the skater at risk. They reeked of weed and alcohol, as well.As always, feedback and opinions are always welcome. Any questions or comments will get replied to, thank you!