Skateguard Stories: Volume 3.

Hello, r/FigureSkating, I’m a skateguard. That guy that you see out there during public skate, wearing an ice rink staff jacket and just casually coasting around, asking people that fall if they’re alright. Making sure figure skaters, recreational skaters and hockey players obey rules so we can all have fun. After receiving feedback in my last posts on this sub, I’ve decided to start posting stories of the types of things routinely dealt with by myself, rink techs, secretaries, and scorekeepers.Kids: A group of pre-teens (probably 11-12) were at our rink’s snackbar and simply made a huge mess, emptying sugar packets on the tables, yelling, shouting and simply being rude and disrespectful. They then grabbed a handful of jalapenos and literally threw them out onto the ice. Being the skateguard, I had to pick up the Japaneos up off the ice with a napkin, and then go speak to the kids. I told them they weren’t allowed back on the ice and needed to turn in their skates before going to speak with the snackbar lady. The mother of the kids came up and was extremely rude, asking why I’m ‘stealing’ from her. I informed her of what her kids had done and then showed her video from the snackbar- she turned her attention to disciplining her kids instead of being angry at me.The Sorority: About 2 weeks ago, I was scheduled to perform my regular friday night skateguard shift. It started off easy enough for myself and the rest of the staff with about 20-30 people on the ice. I then got called by my manager over the radio; stating that around 120 people just showed up and that he’d need help handing out skates. Being the person I am, I, of course, agreed. So I got off and saw this absolute mob of human beings heading for the snackbar. My manager decided to just send me back out since, in skates, I couldn’t really help at the snackbar. Eventually, all these women got on the ice and didn’t even skate; they just stood there, at one end of the ice, taking photos. We ended up having to remove a large group of them from the ice after they decided it would be a good idea to try making a pyramid of people on the ice…Private Session: A group of people rented out the ice for the evening a few nights back, and almost instantly issues began to arise. Our floor team wasn’t notified that the group was going to be skating, they believed it was broom ball, so they didn’t have a skateguard and called me in for OT. I went in and saw another 100+ person group and spoke to the floor tech in charge; he was in a very bad mood. His scheduled time to leave was 10:30, myself and the floor team did not end up leaving (I stayed and helped hang up skates) 12:30. At one point during the night the group requested a microphone, which we did not give them as to set up a mic we need to know ahead of time. Then, the safety issues. My job as a skateguard is to do 2 things. Enforce the rules and policies of my rink, and to make sure everyone stays safe- and render aid if it’s needed. One of our policies is quite simple; ‘No people trains.’ You can probably guess what rule was broken. Repeatedly, after I warned them. The party were good sports about it and stopped of course.Suspended: One of my other duties as a skateguard is to scorekeep hockey games, I mean, I couldn’t simply live off of about the $70-80 a week I’d make simply skateguarding. Technically, in hockey games, the scorekeeper is an off-ice official, meaning the referees will speak with me if there is an issue with a game stoppage. One guy on the Away team slashed a guy on the home team in the neck with a stick, the reff called a major and an unsportsmanlike conduct (a total of 10 minutes in the box, in my rink’s rec league.) The player then proceeded to argue with both linesman and they called a game stoppage, but had me run the clock, as the rink does have a schedule to keep. We discussed it whether or not the guy should also have a head contact (for the hit to the neck.) and the player continued to but in and yell at us and make a scene- I chimed in that he’s being extremely beligerent, and suggested that since he didn’t seem like he was going to calm down, we give him the head contact (a 7 minute penalty) and a game misconduct (ejection and suspension.) the player began to shout angrily as the reffs agreed it’d be the best course of action, to keep the game moving. His continued belligerency and refusal to leave ended with him being banned from playing at our rink and a report to USA Hockey regarding the individual.As always feedback and thoughts are appreciated and encouraged! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!