Skating dress suggestions/thoughts

So I actually posted a similar question about dresses for a dance test awhile back and I really appreciated the suggestions I got. I have more of a style question this time… what are your thoughts on black skating dress with black tights? I am skating to a tango and wanted to make use of something I already own and I thought this might make it a bit more dramatic but I don’t want to look silly. My main concern is that the dress is not long sleeved and most times I see a woman do the dark right look it’s with long sleeves.My last question sparked a debate on gender norms and how by wearing a dress I was contributing to gender bias and all that crap. So just FYI I don’t want to get into that again. I’m glad some women wear pant suits but I am not one of those women and I have no want to get into another debate on how this contributes to the suppression of my gender. No joke that was a string of replies. So if that person is still out there… I appreciate your thoughts but I’d like to stay on topic.